Tech Ed

I’m currently down in sunny Orlando, getting ready for Tech Ed (or is it TechEd? That dot between letters is a very odd thing). I’m going to be presenting on LINQ to DataSet, and Understanding the Entity Framework. As usual, I have far too much material for the time that I have. So I ask…

PASS 2007 – Happening now in Denver

I’m currently in Denver for the SQL Server PASS conference. I’ll be giving a talk about the Entity Framework for DBAs tomorrow (Wednesday) afternoon. If you’re there, please come by. Even if you can’t make my session, stop by and say hello! Thanks,Erick

Entity Framework starting points

I was recently asked what a high level list of good starting points for the Entity Framework is. This is a tough question as there are a lot of areas to cover. I’ve put together a list that I think makes sense from my perspective, which is tilted towards gaining an understanding of the model and the relational mapping, as…


Entity Framework for DBAs

There are a host of new technologies coming out, and among them are some ORM type of systems. I want to spend some time exploring how a DBA will work with these, and if they are good or bad. Given that I am on the Entity Framework team, that is the place that I want…