Tech Ed

I’m currently down in sunny Orlando, getting ready for Tech Ed (or is it TechEd? That dot between letters is a very odd thing). I’m going to be presenting on LINQ to DataSet, and Understanding the Entity Framework. As usual, I have far too much material for the time that I have. So I ask…

LINQ to DataSet WebCast (May 2, 2007) – Samples and slides

This morning I performed a MSDN WebCast on LINQ to DataSet. I hope it was useful for people, and that I was able to answer all the questions sufficiently. If you missed the live show, you can always catch the “TiVo” version (i.e., on demand webcast). I’ll update this post with the URL once it is…


Silence soon to be broken

I’ve been quiet lately, mostly getting a lot of work done. The DevConnections conference went great; I really enjoyed meeting everyone there! Along those lines, I’ll be doing a LINQ to DataSet presentation tomorrow morning. If you’re interested, please register at the following URL, and be sure to ask a question!