LINQ to DataSet – Data Binding

With the introduction of LINQ to DataSet there finally exists a full featured query language for the DataSet. Now your ability to query your data is limited only by CLR, which is no small thing! For an introduction on LINQ to DataSet, please see this post. This is great new functionality, but for most applications,…


Entity Framework starting points

I was recently asked what a high level list of good starting points for the Entity Framework is. This is a tough question as there are a lot of areas to cover. I’ve put together a list that I think makes sense from my perspective, which is tilted towards gaining an understanding of the model and the relational mapping, as…


Entity Framework for DBAs

There are a host of new technologies coming out, and among them are some ORM type of systems. I want to spend some time exploring how a DBA will work with these, and if they are good or bad. Given that I am on the Entity Framework team, that is the place that I want…


LINQ to DataSet WebCast (May 2, 2007) – Samples and slides

This morning I performed a MSDN WebCast on LINQ to DataSet. I hope it was useful for people, and that I was able to answer all the questions sufficiently. If you missed the live show, you can always catch the “TiVo” version (i.e., on demand webcast). I’ll update this post with the URL once it is…


Beta 1 Orcas Samples – LINQ to Entities

With all the sample confusion during the March CTP, you will be pleased to know that the sample story for Beta 1 is much more smooth. You can find the complete working set of samples at the following URL.   This sample set includes the full suite of LINQ samples, including LINQ to…


Silence soon to be broken

I’ve been quiet lately, mostly getting a lot of work done. The DevConnections conference went great; I really enjoyed meeting everyone there! Along those lines, I’ll be doing a LINQ to DataSet presentation tomorrow morning. If you’re interested, please register at the following URL, and be sure to ask a question!

LINQ to DataSet at DevConnections 2007

I just finished a great presentation at DevConnections down here in sunny Orlando. For those of you could make it to my session, I wanted to let you know where you could get the samples for download, which is right here! Please note that Sample 3 will not currently work for you, as it uses…

Problems with the LINQ to Entities 101 samples in the March CTP

If you have downloaded the March CTP (and you have, haven’t you?) you might have noticed that the LINQ to Entities samples were not functioning correctly right out of the gate. Unfortunately in the fast moving world of CTP development, sometimes the samples and the code get out of sync, and this was one of…


Orcas March CTP now available

The Orcas March (aka Feb) CTP is now available for download. Included in this release is the Entity Framework, LINQ to DataSet, LINQ to XML, LINQ to Entities, and much more. It’s available both as a VPC and as a side-by-side installation. I encourage everyone to take a look, and get their friends, family and…

LINQ to DataSet

As part of the process of bringing our technology babies into the world, I wrote a series of blog postings on LINQ to DataSet. They provide an introduction and hit some of the highpoints of LINQ to DataSet. Please head on over and check it out!