EnumerableRowCollection Type

If you’ve been playing with LINQ to DataSet, you may have noticed the EnumerableRowCollection type. For example, if you have a query like the following, the type of query is EnumerableRowCollection. var query = from row in ds.Tables[0].AsEnumerable()             where row.Field<string>(“name”) == “Bob”             select row; So what is this type and what is it…


LINQ to DataSet Data Binding – LinqDataView Restriction Joins

LINQ To DataSet Data Binding – LinqDataView restriction joins In previous episodes In the last post I made on LINQ To DataSet Binding, I talked about how to create a LinqDataView. I’m going to spend some time today talking about some of the interesting applications that the LinqDataView allows. This is far from a comprehensive…


LINQ to DataSet Data Binding – Introducing LinqDataView

It’s long overdue, but I finally was able to finish a few more posts on this series. Let me know if you find it helpful, and what you would like to see more of!  Why DataView? As mentioned in this previous post, there are numerous options for data binding with LINQ to DataSet. The post is going to…


Want to see my source?

Have you ever wondered exactly what is going on inside of ADO.NET? Is Reflector the first thing you install after Visual Studio? Then you’ll be interested in that fact that ScottGu just announced that the source for the .NET framework is going to be released. Not just released, but integreated with Visual Studio! Check out…


PASS 2007 – Happening now in Denver

I’m currently in Denver for the SQL Server PASS conference. I’ll be giving a talk about the Entity Framework for DBAs tomorrow (Wednesday) afternoon. If you’re there, please come by. Even if you can’t make my session, stop by and say hello! Thanks,Erick


LINQ to DataSet – Data Binding

With the introduction of LINQ to DataSet there finally exists a full featured query language for the DataSet. Now your ability to query your data is limited only by CLR, which is no small thing! For an introduction on LINQ to DataSet, please see this post. This is great new functionality, but for most applications,…


Entity Framework starting points

I was recently asked what a high level list of good starting points for the Entity Framework is. This is a tough question as there are a lot of areas to cover. I’ve put together a list that I think makes sense from my perspective, which is tilted towards gaining an understanding of the model and the relational mapping, as…


Entity Framework for DBAs

There are a host of new technologies coming out, and among them are some ORM type of systems. I want to spend some time exploring how a DBA will work with these, and if they are good or bad. Given that I am on the Entity Framework team, that is the place that I want…


LINQ to DataSet WebCast (May 2, 2007) – Samples and slides

This morning I performed a MSDN WebCast on LINQ to DataSet. I hope it was useful for people, and that I was able to answer all the questions sufficiently. If you missed the live show, you can always catch the “TiVo” version (i.e., on demand webcast). I’ll update this post with the URL once it is…


Beta 1 Orcas Samples – LINQ to Entities

With all the sample confusion during the March CTP, you will be pleased to know that the sample story for Beta 1 is much more smooth. You can find the complete working set of samples at the following URL.   http://msdn2.microsoft.com/en-us/bb330936.aspx   This sample set includes the full suite of LINQ samples, including LINQ to…