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Sometimes you run into a bug in DataSet, or some other product. At this point, you have a couple of choices. You can work around the bug, or you can call CSS/PSS. Most people take the former route unless they can’t figure out a workaround. When you call PSS/CSS, you sometimes get a patch (hotfix),…


Tech Ed

I’m currently down in sunny Orlando, getting ready for Tech Ed (or is it TechEd? That dot between letters is a very odd thing). I’m going to be presenting on LINQ to DataSet, and Understanding the Entity Framework. As usual, I have far too much material for the time that I have. So I ask…


LINQ to DataSet – LinqDataView and indexes

Index usage One of the features of the DataView that often gets overlooked is its ability to very quickly find a DataRow (or multiple DataRows) by an index value.  The index is built on the sort criteria, so if you sort based on the last name column, the index will also be on the last…


DataSets and nullable types

Let’s say you want to have a DataSet with an Integer column, and this column can have no values, which for argument’s sake we’ll call NULL values (there is a whole argument about NULL really means, but we’ll punt on that). The DataSet has been around since the first version of the .NET Framework, and…


How’ya doing, where’ya been?

It’s been a while – but don’t worry, I didn’t drop off the face of the planet, or get eaten by huge worms. In the time since my last post, I’ve taken on some new responsibilities, namely a number of XML technologies, including those that are shipping in Silverlight 2! So look forward to new posts…


EnumerableRowCollection Type

If you’ve been playing with LINQ to DataSet, you may have noticed the EnumerableRowCollection type. For example, if you have a query like the following, the type of query is EnumerableRowCollection. var query = from row in ds.Tables[0].AsEnumerable()             where row.Field<string>(“name”) == “Bob”             select row; So what is this type and what is it…


LINQ to DataSet Data Binding – LinqDataView Restriction Joins

LINQ To DataSet Data Binding – LinqDataView restriction joins In previous episodes In the last post I made on LINQ To DataSet Binding, I talked about how to create a LinqDataView. I’m going to spend some time today talking about some of the interesting applications that the LinqDataView allows. This is far from a comprehensive…


LINQ to DataSet Data Binding – Introducing LinqDataView

It’s long overdue, but I finally was able to finish a few more posts on this series. Let me know if you find it helpful, and what you would like to see more of!  Why DataView? As mentioned in this previous post, there are numerous options for data binding with LINQ to DataSet. The post is going to…


Want to see my source?

Have you ever wondered exactly what is going on inside of ADO.NET? Is Reflector the first thing you install after Visual Studio? Then you’ll be interested in that fact that ScottGu just announced that the source for the .NET framework is going to be released. Not just released, but integreated with Visual Studio! Check out…


PASS 2007 – Happening now in Denver

I’m currently in Denver for the SQL Server PASS conference. I’ll be giving a talk about the Entity Framework for DBAs tomorrow (Wednesday) afternoon. If you’re there, please come by. Even if you can’t make my session, stop by and say hello! Thanks,Erick