Looj Review

As many of you know, we have lived with a Roomba for a few years. He’s been a faithful servent, though our cleaning people sometimes unplug the charger and don’t plug it back in. A while back I got an email that said “Looj on Woot!”. Woot!, as many of you know, is a website…


Bavarian Sounwerks – Speakers for BMWs

I’ve been unimpressed with the sound on my 328i since I got it. I have the Harmon-Kardon system, and like many factory “premium” systems, it really doesn’t deliver. Which is really putting it mildly. The bass is muddy, and the tweeters don’t.   This weekend, I spend some time putting in a set of replacement…


Review – Operation Mindcrime II (Queensryche)

I own a fair number of Queensryche (yes, I’m missing the umlaut over the y (a sure sign of 1980s metal pretentiousness)) CDs, but the band has never been a favorite of mine, mostly because of the varying quality of their albums. Though they do get a few points for being from Bellevue… But Operation Mindcrime is…


Review: Waltham (Waltham)

Last week, I spent some time listening to the Rock and Roll Geek Show Indie Cast. One of the featured bands was Waltham, a band named after their hometown in Massachusetts. Michael, if I recall correctly, played two songs – Cheryl (come and take a ride), and Hopeless, which led me to the band’s website…


Review: Audiotrak OPTOPlay

I talked about improving my computer sound volume a while ago. After thinking about it a bit, I decided that rather than just amplify the mediocre sound, I’d upgrade to something better. I came across a few USB sound cards, and after looking at the various offerings, settled on the OPTOPlay from AudioTrak. It does…


TopoUSA 5.0 Western Edition

I’ve been riding a lot of hills recently, getting ready for the 7 Hills of Kirkland on Memorial Day, and I’m getting more used to climbing and less scared of the steeper hills. But I’ve found that there is a dearth of information about the various hills that I ride on. The best source that…


The Network: Money Money 2020

A few weeks ago, I was reading the Seattle Times, and what should I find, but an article about the Japanese bank, Polysics. They were described as having a sound reminiscent of Devo. That piqued my interest, as I’ve always been a fan of Devo, though not as much as my friend Jon (WA license plate…


Book Review: Take Back Your Life!

Last spring I had the opportunity to take a class single-day class named “Take Back Your Life – Using Microsoft Outlook to Get Organized and Stay Organized”, taught by Sally McGhee. The class is no longer taught, but the bulk of the advice is now available to all in the book of the same name….


Couches * 2 (thank you Levitz)

This morning two new couches showed up at our residence this morning. We’d originally headed out furniture shopping – not one of my favorite pasttimes – because we had some couch needs. The basement / rec room couch was nearly 15 years old (that’s 90 in human years), and not only did it not fit…