New computer

I’ve shot a fair number of pictures this last year – mostly of my daughter’s sports. My camera is a Canon 40D, and I generally use my 70-200mm F4L lens. The camera works well and is better than I am. I shoot all my photos in RAW format, which basically means you get the information…


Paying attention in physics class pays off BIG!

After vacillating for months, Canon came up with the Kurosawa of rebate offers (ie compelling but really hard for me to understand), and I ordered a new Digital Rebel 350 XT from, of all places, Amazon. Amazon usually tends to be more expensive, especially when you factor in sales tax, but there were two factors that…


What’s wrong with this code? (Answer)

A few days ago, I posted some code with a problem in it. Here’s the segment I posted: IWMStreamConfig iStreamConfig = …;   // set somewhere else…DirectShow.IWMMediaProps mediaProperties = (DirectShow.IWMMediaProps) iStreamConfig; uint typeSize = 0;mediaProperties.GetMediaType(null, ref typeSize);  // call to get size byte[] buffer = new byte[typeSize];mediaProperties.GetMediaType(buffer, ref typeSize); // call to fetch values fixed (byte* pBuffer…

Good subjects for IR photography?

I recently bought an accessory adapter and a Hoya R72 filter for my Canon G3, so that I could do some infrared photography. This is “near IR” photography, the kind where things look weird not thermal infrared, where you can see how hot things are: The filter cuts down the amount of light by a pretty…


1.1 SP1, 1.0 SP3 released

A few new service packs are now available. .NET Framework 1.1 SP1 for WS03 .NET Framework 1.1 SP1 .NET Framework 1.0 SP3


Monkey Gallery

Jill Greenberg has turned her talents towards monkeys. from Boing Boing BTW, “Monkey Gallery” is a great name for a band…  


Getting pictures onto your computer

If you take a lot of digital pictures (I have 7000 images on my laptop right now, and lots more archived), you spend lots of time copying files across to your computer. Most cameras come with USB cables, which aren’t really that useful. My preferred solution is a CompactFlash PCCard adapter. You take the compact…


Review continued – Canon G3

(review continued) These two contraints – what you want to do with the aperture or shutter speed, and what the camera needs to do to give you a good exposure – sometimes come into conflict. If you take a picture of moving water, you often want a slow shutter speed (1/30th to 1 second, depending on…


Review – Canon Powershot lG3 Camera

Our trip to Maui involved lots of camera issues. We’re a Canon family, with a G1 for me, an A20 (the aforementioned waterlogged A20) for my wife, and a low-end Canon for my 9-year-old daughter (bought after she shot 15 rolls of APS film in Europe last year). My G1 has been a great camera….