The Visual C# Team at PDC

The Visual C# Team and PDC   PDC is next week, and a lot of C# team members will be there. This schedule outlines our main activities during the week.   You’ll know that you’ve found a C# team member by the “C# Team Member” button that they’re wearing. If you see one of us,…


C# for the Java Programmer

I’ve signed up to do a “C# for the Java Programmer” presentation on campus the week after PDC. I have some ideas for what I’m going to cover, but I’d like your input. What topics are the most important in this talk? What was the most non-obvious thing that surprised you about C#?


Why does C# have ? Why doesn’t it have ?

Over the past few years, we’ve gotten lots of suggestions and questions about the C# language, and we haven’t done a very good job responding to them, for a variety of reasons.   The first reason is that we haven’t devoted as much time as we probably should have to interacting with customers on the subject…