Retro gaming at its best…

Back when I was in high school, in the early 1980s, was when I was first introduced to computer games.  What we called “arcade games” at the time. There were three common systems for this. First of all, there was the TRS-80. You can read about all the exciting detail in the link, but the…


Fantastic contraption

I apologize ahead of time Fantastic Contraption…


Stay at Home Server

The Windows team has launched Stay at Home Server, and they’ve produced a short book that introduces it. You should read it.


Where are you?

If you have web presence, a very interesting activity: Go to Google maps, and type in your name. Here’s what you get from mine… From Phil Plait


Wood 6-bit adder

Wood 6-bit adder


Robot Chicken Star Wars

Robot Chicken Star Wars From BA  

I apologize

Desktop Tower Defense