Musing about Windows and Development

Have you ever wondered why “shut down” is on the “start” menu? Has the dialog manager confused and annoyed you? Do you want to know why registry keys are stored in a hive? If you’d like to know the answers to these questions, you should pick up a copy of “The Old New Thing: Practical…


How to update your C# language book without really trying

I posted this on Monday, but it got eaten during a server upgrade. Luckily, the lemmings post didn’t. I’m very pleased to report that the third edition of my book has now shipped. As I’ve noted in the past (in a post I linked to in the first version of this post, but am too…


Swimming to Antarctica

If you’ve read either of Lance Armstrong’s books, it’s probably not a surprise to you that endurance athletes, to put it nicely, tend towards the thin part of the distribution in terms of normality. Having said that, this woman is crazy. But in the good sense of the word. From her record-setting crossing of the…


So you want to write a computer book?

I’ve gotten asked a bunch of times about writing a book, so I decided to write a short article about it. So you want to write a computer book? If you have comments, please let me know. Useful/Not useful? What else does it need to cover?


Book Review: Take Back Your Life!

Last spring I had the opportunity to take a class single-day class named “Take Back Your Life – Using Microsoft Outlook to Get Organized and Stay Organized”, taught by Sally McGhee. The class is no longer taught, but the bulk of the advice is now available to all in the book of the same name….


Updated version of my book coming…

In the spring before C# was first disclosed, I ended up, through a curious juxtaposition of events, writing a book on C# named “A Programmer’s Introduction to C#” This probably rates second on the list of “cool things I got to do while I was on the C# team” (being on the language design team…


True Lies – the GNN Book

I happened to pick this one up at the library when I was there last. (aside – it’s pretty weird to be in the library these days. Not only do the sell food and drinks, they work on the honor system, so you check out your books yourself and then just walk out.) This book…


Naked in Baghdad

  I just finished reading “Naked in Baghdad”, written by NPR correspondent Anne Garrels. Anne spent time in Baghdad on and off (the visas were only 10 days, so that the Iraqis could charge more money), and was there during the initial attack and when the US troops entered the city. It’s a really interesting…


Halo: First Strike

When I was in the library on Saturday, I came across a copy of Halo: First Strike by Eric Nylund. I figured that since I had spent a ton of time playing the game, it would be worth it to spend a little time reading a Halo book. I didn’t expect much – book adaptations from…