Body of Secrets – Anatomy of the ultra-secret National Security Agency

Body of Secrets – Anatomy of the ultra-secret National Security Agency (James Bamford, Anchor Books) With the exception of the stillborn “Clipper Chip”, the NSA has done their best to stay out of the public light. This book discusses how the NSA was formed, what it does, and how it does it. It also exposes…


Maui thoughts

Spent the last 10 days in Maui (Pictures), with no internet connection. This a a computer-free post.   6/25 Blue Water Rafting This morning, we went on a charter boat operated by Blue Water Rafting. This was a trip in a small, 7-person Zodiac-like craft. The boat left from Kihei Boat Ramp (definitely an advantage if you’re…


Off to Maui

I’m taking a few weeks off to sit on the beach in Maui. I’m taking my laptop to store all the pictures I take, but I don’t plan to be online.


Quiz: How do you expose a .NET object for Remoting?

I’ve been working on some code to do peer-to-peer communication between .NET applications. I won’t give away all the details in it right now, since my next column will be on it, but I spent a fair amount of time trying to figure out the answer to this question. If you look for examples in…


C# Interview

I ran into Chad Meyers from ActiveWin when I was at TechEd a week ago, and he hit me up for an interview. Aside: Being in a convention in Dallas is like having a fever. You’re either hot and sweaty, or cold and shivering.


Bad Roomba!!!

I bought a Roomba this week. It’s a $200 robotic vacuum cleaner made by a company named iRobot (wonder if Asimov’s estate gets any fee from that). Works pretty well at finding its way around the room, though the first time we ran it, it bumped into a picture leaned up against the wall. The…



So, who is this Eric Gunnerson? And what will he cover here? I’m a program manager in the Visual C# team, and I own the C# project system and our community efforts. But I must explain what “own” means in this context. “Program Manager” in many companies means “guy who’s in charge of everything”, but…