New Toys

For the holidays, I picked up: A Taiyo edge R/C hovercraft. A real-live hovercraft with all the maneuverability and controllability of a real hovercraft (ie not a lot). Lots of fun, but it’s really hard to drive. Though the drive fans reverse, if you really need to turn around and thrust in the opposite direction….


Holiday Letter

Every year, I attempt to write a humorous holiday letter. Here’s the 2003 edition, for your perusal – and with any luck, enjoyment.   Holiday Letter Reloaded – Gunnerson 2003 Now with 30% fewer laughs!   I hope you are well during this holiday season. I had resolved after last year that I would attempt…


LOTR Review

This afternoon, the C# team went to see LotR: Return of the King. I should preface this by saying that I’m not a big Tolkien fan (or a fan of fantasy in general). Note: There are some spoilers in this post. It’s not a bad film, but contrary to Scoble, I don’t think it was…


SpaceShip One breaks the sound barrier

Burt Rutan is a national treasure. Scratch that. Burt Rutan is a global treasure. Rutan, the designer of the Voyager aircraft that circumnavigated the world on a single tank of gas. His most recent project at Scaled Composites is an attempt to with the X Prize, and has once again come up with a very…


My lights are done...

delta a few miscellaneous strings that will go up in the next day or so, my holiday display is complete. I think I’m up to about 4000-5000 lights so far. There are three main displays: Santa and the Sleigh An animated Santa, run by an 8-channel homebuilt animation controlling sporting a Motorola HC11 microcontroller. Santa…


Garden d'lights 2003 - Bellevue Botanical Gardens

Every year, the Bellevue Botanical Gardens bring out the lights. They do a wonderful job of creating plants out of lights. Recommended.


Review: Space - A Journey to our future

Today, I took my 9 yo daughter and a friend of hers to the Pacific Science Center, to see the “Space” exhibit. The girls liked it, but I’ll only give it a C grade. Highlights: A functioning IR camera with a display screen, but with no useful instructions with what to show. I had to take…


Here there be tigers - operator overloading and conversions

I came across a discussion in the last few days that I thought I would share with you. It concerns the following code: class Utility{    public void Process(object o);    public void Process(string s);} and then a call to Process that passed in a string. C# does permit this sort of overloading, and it has some…


Lost our lease - Everything must go!

As part of a consolidation move, my blog is migrating to (RSS). The new blog is up and running, so I’m going to start posting there instead of here. The existing content will get migrated over at the end of the month. I’ve only played with it a bit, but I think that I will…


A Devil's Chaplain and courteous disagreement

I just finished reading “A Devil’s Chaplain” by Richard Dawkins. Dawkins is one of my absolute favorite science writers, both because of his perspective (it’s easy to like authors you agree with) and his phenomenal writing style. Dawkins holds the Simonyi Professorship of Public Understanding of Science at Oxford (yes, that Simonyi), which I believe…