A Programmer’s Guide to C# 5.0

My author’s copies of the Fourth Edition of my book showed up today: It is significantly updated from the previous version. I especially enjoyed writing the sections on Linq and asynchronous features.      


Small in, Big out

I’ve come across some code that is using – and overusing – IEnumerable<T>, and thought it might be of general interest. Consider the following method signatures: IEnumerable<string> Process(List<string> input); IList<string> Process(IEnumerable<string> input); Of the two, which is the better choice? Write down your answer. There are really two questions – what is the best choice…


A Programmer’s Guide to C# 2012

More months than I’d like to think about, I decided to undertake an update of my sorely out-of-date C# book, and Saturday I submitted the last of the chapters for the rewrite. I still have the author review (after the tech review) and the final review to do on each chapter, but that’s a huge…


A new year and a new group

I’m starting off the new year (well, in a few weeks…) in a new group. I am leaving the HealthVault team, and moving to an internal Engineering Excellence team where I will be working on… making our engineering 28.5% more excellent. Actually, I’m not sure what I’m able to talk about yet, so I’ll leave…