Speaking at CHC 2011

I'm in Chicago this week to speak at the Microsoft Connected Health Conference, 2011 edition. It's been nice to get away from the cool and rainy northwest and spend some time in Chicago,where the weather has been... well, it's been cool, and rainy, though the rain has been a bit torrential at times. We are rain wimps in Seattle.

I ended up with some spare time earlier this week and spent a morning at the Museum of History and Industry, where I toured the U505 (an authentic WWII U boat captured in 1944 IIRC), and the bodies in motion exhibit, which was Oh my god did you see that guy? that's so gross I think I'm going to be sick!, or at least that was what the group of teenagers next to me thought. I found it fascinating and disturbing at the same time.

I'm co-presenting at an overview presentation on HealthVault, where we have an hour to cover everything we've done in HealthVault in the last year or so. We have an involved demo and technical explanation, then a lot of short items. I'm thoroughly practiced-out the night before the talk, but I feel pretty good about it.

The conference so far has been pretty good. We had a HealthVault-specific event last night and I was able to put some faces with a few names of people, and talk with partners about what they are doing.

We will be posting more information about what we talk about on the HealthVault blog; I'll link here when the post is up.

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