HealthVault SDK and Visual Studio 2005

The HealthVault SDK is currently built on top of the .NET 2.0/Visual Studio 2005 toolset. We are thinking about moving forward a few years and switching to the .Net 3.5/Visual Studio 2008 toolset, but would like some feedback from customers on what they are using first.

If you are building HealthVault applications, can you reply with the version of VS that you are using? Thanks.

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  1. Tyler Jensen says:

    Why not take the leap and go for 2010 and .NET 4.0?

  2. Kevin says:

    .Net 3.5/Visual Studio 2008

    Soon to be .Net 4/Visual Studio 2010

  3. ericgu says:


    We want to be mindful of what our partners are using. I'd love to go to 2010, but I don't think all of our partners will be there.

  4. dc says:

    On .net 4.0 and VS 2010 at a major CRO here.  Would love to see health vault move to 4.0!!

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