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Is there something about HealthVault that you find confusing? If so, add a comment to this post, and I'll try to cover it in a future blog post.

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  1. Nathan says:


    Id like to learn more about the physical data model that is supporting the Healthvault platform.  With such a flexible xml based interface the data model under the hood must be rather creative.  Is the xml parsed into normalized relational tables at anytime? Are you guys leveraging SQL 2008? What is the current size of the DB. So many questions!

  2. For health care solutions to be disruptive new models of delivery of preventive services is needed. In the current model of care most patients depend on a visit to a primary care MD to get their preventive services when most ( other than a pap smear ) can be delivered without a visit to a MD.

    Let us address how new disruptive models of delivery of preventive services can be with Health Vault for adult patients. We had undertaken a population management study for breast cancer screening and shown significant improvements with a simple system in 2007. With the availability now of health vault and Mayo Clinic Health Manager it should be even easier and more patient centered to provide preventive serivces at a popualtion level for our patients.

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