Progressio per Patientia

"Progress through suffering"

I have a friend (perhaps "riding acquaintance" is a more accurate term) named "Elden Fat Cyclist". Actually, that's his stage name. His real name is "Harold Fat Cyclist".

Harold has been involved in Livestrong for a while and - for reasons that will become obvious if you read his blog - this year has decided to organize "Team Fat Cyclist", to try to win the team competition of the Livestrong challenge.

This year, Livestrong has decided to hold a ride in Seattle. Their goal is apparently to do a shortened version of a Tour de France mountain stage, with an advertised 7900' of elevation gain over the 101 miles. That would, AFAIK, set a new standard for centuries in these parts, with the ever-popular (many would say "over-popular") Flying Wheels Century clocking in at 3500', and even the difficult 7 Hills century at only 7000'.

Or, to put it another way, this ride will involve a significant amount of pain and suffering. Since signing up for rides that are harder than I should is a bit of a tradition for me (not to mention being a tradition for Harold), I signed up last week.

That's where you come in.

The event is a fundraiser for cancer research, and I'm looking for people to sponsor me in this undertaking.

For the first $250 that's donated, I will match every dollar, and then Microsoft will match my dollar. So, if you donate $10, the total will be... well, it will be more than I can calculate on Sunny Seattle Spring Sunday.

If you can spare some money to help out a worthy cause (cancer research, not me suffering), please head on over to my fundraising page.

Comments (2)

  1. RiderX says:

    I'm going to be riding the Livestrong challenge in June, and I'm looking for sponsors. You can

  2. Michael Covington says:

    I wish you success.  The correct Latin is "Progressio per patientiam."

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