HealthVault XPath Explorer

By default, when a query is made to HealthVault, it returns all instances of a specific type. If you wish to filter to a subset of those instances, you can specify some properties in the HealthRecordFilter class. For example, you can set the CreatedApplication property to filter on the application that created the health record item.

The filter properties, however, only works for properties that are shared across all data types. If you want to filter based on properties that are data-type-specific, you can do that by setting the XPath property to an appropriate XPath query.

Creating that query is a bit inconvenient – perhaps a lot inconvenient – so I wrote a little utility that you can use to easily create an xpath query.

You can find the code here.

Make a copy of the HelloWorld sample, put the two files into it, and run the sample.

Comments (4)

  1. JohnnyG77 says:

    Eric, do you know if there is any development of a Garmin plug to upload data (speed, grade, heart rate) in to healthvault.  I have my Tanita Bluetooth digital scale, usb Omron blood pressure…but no direct upload of my Garmin Forerunner 305 running/heart rate monitor.  Of all my electronic data on my health, I would think that would be the most valuable for heart and fitness health.

    Just wanted to check before I took a stab at it later this year. My concern is I don’t know how to structure the data so that a future plugin could interpret the data…as I am no doctor. I was hoing Garmin would release something…but that does not look like it is happening.

    Thanks for any insights…and thanks for the HealthVault post.

  2. ericgu says:

    I have heard that somebody is building ANT+ drivers for HealthVault, and that should cover the Garmin devices…

    I do know that TrainingPeaks can read data from the 305 and I’m pretty sure they can upload it to HealthVault.

  3. The users are unhappy. The weight tracking application worked pretty well initially, but now that they’ve

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