Age of Halo

My daughter downloaded the demo for Halo Wars a few days ago, and I spent a few hours playing it recently. It's from Ensemble, responsible for the "Age of <X>" (Empires I, II, III, and Kings), and it's similar enough that I've named it "Age of Halo".

It's a pretty standard approach - build buildings, do research, train fighters, though there are some interesting constraints they've imposed this time around that I think will make the gameplay a bit different.

I'm definitely going to pick it up when it comes out on March 3rd.  

Comments (4)

  1. Wife PhD says:

    Bad enough that I am a widow to Halo but now I have also lost my only offspring to the dark side!!

  2. Phylyp says:

    If you can’t beat ’em, join ’em

  3. Lucas says:

    So Microsoft kept the "Halo" rights after Bungie split from MS. Now Ensemble Studios will close after the completion of "Halo Wars".

    What will happen to Halo? I hate change *cry*

  4. ericgu says:

    My understanding is that Ensemble licensed the Halo rights from Bungie.

    Coming "sometime in 2009" (my bet is on the holiday season) is Halo: ODST (orbital drop shock trooper), a different sort of game set in the Haloverse, and including at least some of the Halo 3 maps.

    I think I heard that some of the new ODST maps will show up as Halo 3 multiplayer maps, but am not sure.

    I think at this point Bungie is probably a bit tired of the whole Halo thing and wants to do something different. Hard to walk away from the money, however…

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