Last Saturday, we were invited to a Halloween party at a friend of a friend. I only decided to go Friday night, so I'd put essentially zero effort into thinking about a costume.

The wife was going as a vampire (we had a long discussion on what the feminine form of "vampire" was. I tended towards "vampress", mostly because of how silly it sounded), and I thought of doing something that fit together with that thematically. A lame costume that fits together thematically with another one is much better than a lame one that sits by itself.

After a while, something suggested itself, and things came together pretty well. You can see the results here:

(Like pilot in the 1950s who had eyepatches to preserve eyesight in their dominant eye in case of a nuclear explosion, I suggest covering one eye before clicking on the following link).


I'm hoping that it's obvious who I am.

The party itself was pretty good. The hosts hired a magician who walked around and did close magic to entertain the crowd. He was talented, though frankly given the sobriety of the majority of the guests it could have been me doing the tricks.

While we were there a few of the ladies took it on themselves to vandalize me.

Comments (3)

  1. Chris Holmes says:

    The correct term is "vampiress" 🙂

    Pretty funny stuff Eric.

  2. Ray T says:

    The family reunion is definitely off….

  3. Delf says:

    Caution: do not look at pictures with remaining eye.

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