A box of toys…

I am a box of toys and notions. Among other things, I contain a hard box full of legos and a gross of superballs. On my outside I have a series of labels that tell me where I have lived.

As a proud corrugated-American, I'd like to share my story.


My location for the last 24 hours. My owner has moved to this office to be closer to the rest of the HealthVault partner team, which he has joined due to a recent organizational optimization. I like this location because lots of people stop by, but I'm worried it will be loud because of the standby diesel generator right outside.


I moved back to main campus to this office. It faces east and has a decent view of a parking lot. My owner works on the HealthVault partner team.


I love this office, which is big and has a nice view to the south. I do worry about degradation of my structure because the sunlight makes it hot and sometimes the A/C fails. My owner works on the HealthVault partner team, and enjoys the "small team" atmosphere.


This office is on west campus. It's okay, but the building isn't great. My owner works on the Windows Live pictures and video team.


I moved from one end of the hall to the other, and my corners are getting banged up. My owner is on a newly-reorganized team and isn't sure what he works on right now.


I moved two offices down to this one - I can look out through the window and watch my owner when he sits outside at lunch, though he does complain about the cafeteria now and then. My owner is on the Windows Movie Maker team working on the DVD Maker user interface.


Welcome to the Movie Maker team, and to a new area of campus. Building 50 stands alone by itself and is a bit inconvenient to get to, but it seems nice enough, and there are lots of boxes next door that I can spend time with.


A new office in the same building, this time looking at a wall of plants. My owner is a PM on the C# team, and is doing language design.


Despair. My owner is happy with his assignment as the test lead on the C# compiler, but this office faces south, gets very hot, and has a lovely view of the top of a cafeteria.


A pretty good office in a really nice building. I face north towards a set of vegetation. My owner co-owned office assignments on this move and got to choose his one before other people, so he got a nice one. He's a test lead for the C++ compiler front end, though there are rumors that there's something new coming along.


My first window office, with a beautiful view of a forest. My owner is very happy to get such a nice window office, but he finds it hard not to get lost in the 1-4 building complex. He's a test lead for the C++ compiler.


I was never in building 25, but my owner often tells me stories about it late at night. He says he had two different offices there, both of them pretty good.

Comments (3)

  1. Wife, PhD says:

    I knew it was only a matter of time until you went around the bend.  "Alas poor Yorick! I knew him well!"

  2. Phylyp says:

    As long as the box isn’t making this blog post from Eric’s padded cell, I’m happy for Eric 🙂

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