I was really just trying to get people to smile when they read about it.

Last Sunday night (the 9th), I played another game of indoor. I felt pretty good, and though I got run into fairly hard at one point, I thought that the guy who ran into me came away worse than I did. At the end of the game my right ankle was sore, but everything else was fine.

Tuesday morning, I woke up, and my side hurt. I tried to deny it, but by Thursday morning, it was clear. The guy who hit me must have run into me with a knee, because I have another hurt rib (on the lower-left quadrant - one of the short ribs, another new spot for me). I'm not sure whether it's bruised or cracked, but I do know that it's pretty painful. The 30 miles I did on the bike on Sunday were about as pleasant as 7 hills was (ie not much), and I skipped this Sunday's soccer game (it's better to spread the injuries out rather than enjoy them all at once). So, it's another 2-3 weeks of pain, though the only really bad time is when I first get up in the morning and stretch.

The only upside for this is that I've been looking for a good excuse to skip RAMROD this year, and I figure the double-rib qualifies.

Comments (2)

  1. Cronan says:

    Heal quickly so that we can read about more of your injuries. 😉

    Seriously, rest, and get better.

  2. Gary J. Maguire says:


    Did you enter the injury and self diagnosis into your Healthvault account?

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