Answering a question nobody asked…

I'm on a break between sessions at TechEd, downstairs in one of the cavernous halls. Something like 400 yards from from to back (yes, I paced it off). I was looking for a comfortable place to sit for a few minutes, and found that the MSDN Zone has a big space with about 20 bean-bag chairs in it. I walk around the side, and am surprised to find that there are a few empty ones. I gracefully lower myself - as gracefully as my middle-aged body will let me right now - and settle in.


Apparently, somebody thought it was important to answer the question "what if I made something that looked like a bean-bag chair but stuffed it with cheap fiberfill instead?", and somebody else thought it was a good idea to answer the question "will people like these better than bean-bag chairs?"

Questions that nobody had every really asked before, but for good reason. The whole point of a bean-bag chair is that the user gets to modify the chair to their own personal support requirements. If you want to flop out, you mush it out flat. If you want to sit up - and perhaps use your laptop - you smush it so that it provides good support.

This "chair" is okay for flopping on, but despite a bit of swelling at one end, provides little in the way of support. After trying a few positions, I'm writing this while I'm in "street luge" position - my legs stretched out in front of me and my head just slightly raised up - which manages to look fairly relaxing without being relaxing at all.

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  1. kjopc says:

    We want pictures of the "street luge"! <grin>

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