Building Connection Center add-ins using WiX – part 3 (your content)

Now, we'll figure out how to get your content into the

If you go to your SDK installation, in the docs directory you'll find a file named "HealthVault Connection Center Extensibility.xps". That will explain the various graphical elements.

For this example, the XML file looks like this:

 <Name>Widget Tracker</Name>
  <Paragraph>Welcome to the Widget Tracker!  Use it to track your Widget measurements.</Paragraph>
 <DefaultTask showInTaskList="true">
  <Description>Open Widget Tracker</Description>
  <Action type="Execute">

Once we get the icon and logo created, then we can build it and test it. To do that, I use the following little batch files:


set BASENAME=WidgetTracker
candle %BASENAME%.wxs
light %BASENAME%.wixobj


msiexec /quiet /x %BASENAME%.msi
"C:\Program Files\Microsoft HealthVault\Connection Center\connectioncenter.exe" /quit
start C:\PROGRA~1\MI8542~1\CONNEC~1\CONNEC~1.EXE

The test one is especially useful - it uninstalls the shortcut, tells connection center to exit, installs the shortcut, then starts up connection center.

That's all for now. Next we will talk about signing your add-in

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  1. HealthVault says:

    The Connection Center application allows you to add a shortcut to your application to the set of shortcuts

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