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From the ever-popular Worse Than Failure, comes this post

Those of you who remember my work on Microsoft Windows Vista Windows DVD Maker may wonder if the last screen in the post is from DVD Maker.

It is not.

First off, while it is a wizard UI, it is not the DVD Maker UI.

Second, I fixed a startlingly similar bug in DVD Maker pre-ship.

This is pretty common when you're doing a combo box in a wizard. You put all the combo box entries into separate resources strings - so they can be localized into other languages (though I'm not sure how "8x" localizes...) - and when you come to a page, you grab them the strings out of a resource file and stuff them in the combo box.

Which works great the first time, but if you're writing a wizard, you may have forgotten that the UI sticks around even if you hit back/next a few times, so the strings you put in the combo box supplement the entries there rather than replace them.

Comments (2)

  1. You can get the same effect if you hook the HandleCreated[1] event in .net and set the data source to a list. .net thinks your combobox has ‘n’ items, windows thinks it has ‘n*2’.

    See here for more and a suggested fix.

    [1] It wasn’t my code originally.

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