Cool fence of the day…

The recently-completed fence in the Gunnerson backyard. The fence is 4'1" high and runs about 80 feet across the yard.

The wide boards are 5.5" wide, and the thin ones are 2" wide. Posts are embedded in concrete 18" deep, all the framework is pressure-treated, the cross-rails are attached with Simpson Z-max angles, and the boards themselves are attached with stainless steel fence nails (so the boards don't stain).

Total cost - somewhere around $1000.

Total time - longer than I had hoped - especially since all the thin boards had to be ripped.

Comments (3)

  1. Do you have a table for your circular saw to do the ripping?  If so, who makes it and do you like it?  Have you ever seen the Triton (Australian) WorkCentre

  2. I’m a serious lurker.  Mainly since i don’t want to accidentally spill industry secret, and be that guy that..

    But this blog threw me off my flow when going through the msdn blogs.  Thank you.  You made my week!  haha.  by the way, that’s a nice fence.  But what caught my eye was how nice the lawn is.

  3. ericgu says:


    I have a Ryobi BT3000, which has it’s own rail system. I’m not really terribly happy with it, but I can’t justify replacing it right now and I don’t really have room for a bigger saw…

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