Eric should write a useful blog post on…

A post where you can ask me to comment on a specific topic.

So, if you want to know what *my* opinion is on the effects of the size of Venuzuelan oil reserves on the balance of power in OPEC, you can ask. I won't answer, but you can ask.

Or, you could ask something that I might know a little bit about. Not that that's ever been (or ever will be) a requirement for topics that I write about.

(This is really just here so I can update the "suggest a topic" link on my main blog page...)

Comments (3)

  1. Jon Skeet says:

    Have been off the C# language design team for a while, and using it "in the wild" instead, what would you really like to see in C# 4 or 5?

    (My current preference would be decent OO enums – Java’s ones are great, but I’m sure the C# team could do a better job.)

  2. Why there are no generic properties in C# ?

  3. Josh J says:

    Eric should write more blog posts on C# and little known compiler nuances.  I get a lot of value out of those, esp. when you give *the reason* behind certain nuances. Like when you schooled everyone on why C# requires break statements in switches.

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