Unit testing support in VS Pro

I'm at least a month late in linking to this, but if you've been paying very little attention it might still be new that VS Pro will support unit testing in Orcas.

Which I think is great news.

Comments (3)

  1. Joe says:

    > Which I think is great news.

    True.  Probably inevitable, to avoid the current ridiculous situation where the likes of the P&P group have to release product versions (EntLib) with both NUnit and Team System unit tests.

  2. Jon Skeet says:

    Fantastic! I’ve been trying to bully everyone I’ve ever seen at MS about this since I heard that it wasn’t in the Pro SKU of Whidbey.

    Next stop: Express. (I’m semi-serious. It would send a great message that MS thinks unit testing is important enough that *everyone* should learn about it and use it. On the other hand, I can see the objection that it’ll just confuse a lot of complete novices.)


  3. Very cool; I’d noticed it in the latest bits pulled down in Orcas, but wasn’t sure if those of us who aren’t using VSTS would be left out in the cold.

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