Midlife + 3

As some of you already know, I'm at the point in my life where it becomes expected to have a crisis - more specifically, one of the mid-life variety.

In fact, many would say, that at the advanced age of 43, I'm past the point where I should be thinking about such a thing, and should be deep into crisis mode. I've been ignoring the many, but this last week I found out that an acquaintance at work is buying a Tesla...

And, so, I've decided to take on a challenge. A *real* challenge - none of this "ride 200 miles in a day" stuff, but something with the potential for serious bodily harm.

I'm going to learn to fly a helicopter. Perhaps not the most practical thing to do - especially given the cost and expense - but that's really the whole point of a such a crisis.

I'm not sure exactly what model I'll be training on, but it might be this one...


Comments (2)

  1. Wife PhC says:

    That picture looks so real…totally convinced me…I can hardly wait to go for a ride but I also wanna ride in the Tesla!!! (hmmm maybe my midlife crisis could involve a sports car…)

  2. Rhea says:

    That’s a very creative midlife crisis. I think they usually involve red Corvettes, not red copters.

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