Windows Movie Maker and DVD Maker SDK released…

We've released an SDK that lets you extend the Vista versions of movie maker and DVD maker, though I should probably note that it's not a terribly simple thing to do.

Here's the blurb from the download page:

This SDK is helps you create and add your own custom special effects and transitions to Windows Movie Maker in Windows Vista, and your own custom transitions, buttons, and menu styles to Windows DVD Maker in Windows Vista.

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  1. theCoach says:

    The only question I need to know is:

    Is it trivial to create an effect that reverses motion?

    (If one is already available, I apologize for my lack of knowledge).

  2. ericgu says:


    I think that would be very challenging to do.

    I don’t recall if there’s a "reverse play" effect or not.

  3. theCoach says:

    Consider this a formal request for reverse play!

    I have made a DVD with both of these tools, and if I do say so myself it is awesome – but the reverse action would add so much, and I cannot believe, even for a second, that it is beyond the capabilities of Microsoft to come up with one (I do not care if it is slow), and I am pretty sure that some one has created a little script that runs the video, captures the full frames, then reverses their order then re-compresses. It could really add something to the (already pretty awesome) product.

  4. says:

    Can you at least add DTS support?

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