Whoosh. Bang. Brrr. Brrr. Brrr! Ah….

Last night about 1 AM we returned from our 48 hour enforced vacation in the 19th century.

As I'm sure you have heard, we had a pretty big windstorm, and we spent two days hunkered down in from of our gas fireplace. It was far more boring than dangerous, though cleaning out the fridge this morning was a bit harrowing. It's amazing how many useless condiments you can accumulate over the years.

Our house emerged unscathed. We took out the big doug firs in our front yard a few years ago, and this is the kind of storm that would have dropped them on the house.

The holiday lights, however, did less well. The santa and reindeer plywood cutouts got tossed down the slope, most of the globes got tossed out of the big tree (and the remaining ones aren't fully functional). And the spiral tree and base on top of the garage - weighing in at around 50 pounds got picked up and tossed off the garage, landing on the guy wires to my tree of lights and bending the main support pole creatively (and significantly). After I just got finished repairing the rodent damage.

I'll also need to see if the controller getting wet caused any issues.

Tommorrow I get to drive up to our ski cabin, to see if there are any trees down there. I'm taking my chainsaw...

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