Honey, I can’t find my gloves

I have a set of fleece lined gloves that I use when I drive or walk outside in the cold weather (and as you may have heard, it's been fairly cold around here). They're usually in the outback hanging around on the back seat floor with the ice scraper and other accessories, but they weren't there, and I couldn't find them anywhere in the house either.

I decided I'd have to buy a new pair, but kept forgetting. On our last trip up to ski, I realized that it was cold and that I'd forgotten to buy gloves. I mentioned this to my wife, who said, "Did you look in the..." as she opened the GLOVE compartment, and there they were.

My response was, "who put my gloves in the glove compartment?", is, I realize, somewhat akin to saying, "who put the ice in the icebox", but I thought it was fair since I have never, to my knowledge, placed a pair of gloves into a glove compartment.

Turns out that when we had the car detailed back in the early summer, they got put there as far as the vacuuming.

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  1. Darron says:

    I did the exact same thing on Monday morning. I’m glad to know that someone else has a wife as smart as mine. 🙂

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