Every year, there is a convention known as TED – Technology, Entertainment, Design – that invites a lot of smart people to come and give talks. Thanks to a sponsorship by BMW, the organization has been making a bunch of previously-recorded talks available. Jim sent me a link to a great talk by Burt Rutan about…


New Front Deck

At the end of summer last year, we got some water in our basement. Given that our house was built in the late 70s and the yard slopes down towards the house, it wasn’t very surprising, but it did mean that we needed to get some drainage put in. We used that as an excuse…


Trumpet Lamp

  The PTA at my daughter’s middle school is having an auction next week, and her band teacher came across an old student trumpet that she thought would make a nice lamp. Here is the result. The mouthpiece of the trumpet had gotten stuck, and the tube had gotten ripped when trying to take it…


Tour of the Evergreens

There’s a group organized to put on a yearly stage race in Washington State. Tour of the Evergreens They’re looking for some donations to help make it happen, and for help designing a logo. This will be very cool if they can pull it off.


Avalon tip of the day

When an Avalon app starts up, it parses the XAML file, and as it parses the file, it creates the object tree. Creating the object tree requires that the constructors for the objects be called. And if one of those constructors were to fail, you get a XamlParseException. Something like: Cannot create instance of ‘Window1’…


Word of the day – Humorish

Humorish Having the shape or form of humor without actually being funny. I coined it this morning at breakfast. I said something that wasn’t funny (to my daughter or wife), though it was in the form of a joke. To be contrasted with Humorous Characterized by humor; funny, comical The upper bone in your arm …



As somebody who is interested in Scrum but hasn’t yet had a chance to try it, I’ve been paying attention to the various experiences people are having with it. I’ve been noticing something for a while, but I didn’t really realize that there was something bigger going on. I call that phenomena “Scrumbut”. It shows…


Getting started with Windows Presentation Framework (aka Avalon)

I’m starting to play around with Avalon (a name that I’ll continue to use because of the savings of 2 syllables over WPF. It’s my little contribution to help out in the syllable crisis… (Maybe the decibet would help….)) And I’ve found it a bit hard to find out what you need to start writing…


CSS Tools

You may have noticed that my blog page has changed appearance – this is part of a switch to community server 2.0. As some of you undoubtably know, the appearance of most blogs (and web pages in general) is controlled by a technology known as CSS. I’ve read a bit of CSS, but I’m not…