Sandcastle – MSDN-style docs for your assemblies

For a *long* time, whenever I spent time with C# customers, I would invariably get asked, "How do I create docs for my assemblies?".

And my best answer was either, "there's a XSLT file that makes the XML look a little better" or "you might want to consider NDoc".

Neither of which was a great answer. The XSLT was quite inferior to what people wanted, and NDoc also had limitations.

That issue was not unnoticed inside MS, but it's taken a while to address it, and I was otherwise occupied at the time, so I didn't notice it.

But anyway, if you want to have MSDN-style docs, take a look at Sandcastle. Here's the post on the August CTP.

Kudos to the Sandcastle folks.

Comments (2)

  1. Anand Raman says:

    Thanks Eric for posting this information.


  2. Richard says:

    Standard Sandcastle is command line only. I would highly recommend that you try the SandCastleBuilder available with source code at CodeProject. The intro to the article is quoted below.


    On August 27th, 2006, Microsoft released the second CTP of Sandcastle, the new tool used for creating MSDN-style documentation from .NET assemblies and their associated XML comments files. As with the first release, it is all command line based and has no GUI front-end, project management features, or automated build process that you can find in NDoc. I created the Sandcastle Help File Builder to fill in the gaps and provide some of the missing NDoc-like features that I use most often, as well as provide graphical and command line based tools to build a help file in an automated fashion.

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