Happy Birthday

Yesterday was my wife's birthday.

There were two presents of note. The first was a serotonin necklace from Made With Molecules. If you have a significant other who has a science-related job, this is a nice gift. Assuming he/she likes jewelry.

The second was her own google ad. I bought adwords on her name, and then wrote an ad that said, "Happy Birthday Kim" that linked to a page with a simple message on it.

And then I told her that she should search for information on herself.

The idea came from a post that Ray did a while back. You may note that I am also for sale on Amazon. If you want to do this you need to:

  1. Create an adwords account.

  2. Create an ad

  3. Link that ad to an appropriate website (I put a page on a site I run)

  4. Buy a keyword ad with the appropriate phrase. Make sure you use [] around it so that it's an exact match.

  5. Turn off budget minder. If you don't do this, the system will tell you the budget isn't high enough to make the ad active.

  6. Bump up the budget per click so that the ad shows up on search.

  7. Enjoy.

And as a note, the original post didn't have to do with Google recruiting. IIRC, it's a hobby of somebody Ray knows...

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