Other views on programming sins…

At the beginning of the sin-tacular, I asked for people to come up with their own lists. And here they are:

My original plan was to comment on some of the individual sins that people listed, but they're all great - you should go and read them all.

I was a bit intrigued, however, by Chris' comment (or should that be "Chris' Comments' comment?):

Hey, Eric, what are the 7 Heavenly Virtues of Programmers?


Comments (7)

  1. Wife PhC says:

    A truly virtuous programmer recognizes when it is time to turn off the computer and spend time with your family, friends, and/or dog!!!

  2. Darren Oakey says:

    in no particular order

    a truly virtuous coder

    … knows what they want to build – they write their tests and comments first

    … knows what profilers and coverage tools are and would find it difficult to do their job without either

    … trys to understand the business problem they are helping to solve

    … moves code down into a general library the instant they encounter a need for any function or even line of code that they know they have written before

    … actually grasps why "switch" and "enum" are so wrong

    … believes that build systems/releases/support structures/plans/bug tracking are as important a part of being a coder as writing code is

    … builds specific code first but then generalises instead of copying and pasting when another requirement appears

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