C# Trivia Test Format

I've got some good questions for the trivia test, though I am still looking for more. Anything that you've found surprising while writing in C# would be fair game.

Rather than doing this in series of posts, I'm thinking of doing it in one big post (or perhaps four smaller posts), so that it's more compact. What do you think? 1 post? 2 posts? red post? blue post? Do them all at once, or spread them out?

Comments (3)

  1. It depends on the difficulty of the question. If something required more than a couple of sentences to explain please consider posting it on its own so the importance of the point isn’t lost.

    Thanks for posting these. I have enjoyed the Regex questions and I’m looking forward to reading the C# ones.

  2. 2 Posts, with a day or two between them, I guess.

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