Coolest thing, parent edition..

Last Friday, we went to the movies to see the remake of the Pink Panther. It was okay, but it's pretty hard to keep up with the original.

The cool part was that my 11-year-old daughter paid for dinner and the movie for the three of us.

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  1. Glen Sansoucie says:

    Reading this reminds me to add the original to my netflix queue.  My 11-year-old daughter REALLY wants to see the remake, but knows she needs to first see the original (parental theatrical requirement) . . .

    I like the "child’s treat option"…


  2. Matt Davis says:

    Wow, allowances must have gone up since I was a kid- dinner’s one thing, but a Friday evening movie for three must cost around $30 ($150 after popcorn)… Or do you have her on rentacoder after school? 😉

    Seriously though, that’s pretty cool.

  3. Eric says:

    It was about $30, and it came out of babysitting money, not an allowance.

    I’ve been working on her coding skills, but she’s not good enough. yet.

  4. Simon Tamman says:

    Awesome parenting :).

    You don’t see that kind of thing often enough.

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