Would you like sauce with your ribs?

On February 20th, 2005, I hit a big rock in the middle of a ski slope at Stevens Pass, popped both skis, slammed my chest into the ground, and cracked a rib.

This February 20th, I skied off a groomer ledge in a white-out, caught an edge, popped my right ski, slammed my chest into the ground, and cracked the same rib.

I will no longer ski on February 20th


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  1. This, sir Eric Gunnerson the crazy rock-skiier, is why god invented snowboards.  I’ve been skiing since I was 5, and picked up the art of snowboarding about 4 years ago; I have since brutalized my share of big rocks and freefalls without incident (learning was about 2 full days of incidents I’d rather not reflect on), and I doubt I’ll ever go back to skiis.

    Good luck with the rib…

  2. hmmm says:

    I wonder what your biorythms were for each of those days….

  3. We’re at the tail end of the ski season here. I skied yesterday – in conditions that were less than exciting

  4. This spring I decided to start playing indoor soccer. I had played in the informal Microsoft outdoor

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