Cycling 2006 and 2007

I spent some time playing around with my Polar Software to get some summaries for the last year. Here’s some data. 2006 Cycling Summary Distance:       2540 miles Elevation Gain: 109,259 ft Average Speed: 14.8 mph Calories: 113,615 Time: 181 hours Heart Beats: 1,308,687 I’d expected to hit 3000 miles, but the early winter meant that…


Holiday Greetings

From Christmas in a Galaxy Far, Far Away


Whoosh. Bang. Brrr. Brrr. Brrr! Ah….

Last night about 1 AM we returned from our 48 hour enforced vacation in the 19th century. As I’m sure you have heard, we had a pretty big windstorm, and we spent two days hunkered down in from of our gas fireplace. It was far more boring than dangerous, though cleaning out the fridge this…


Classic rock test

If you’re as old as I am, you should Test your classic rock knowledge I scored 74%


Honey, I can’t find my gloves

I have a set of fleece lined gloves that I use when I drive or walk outside in the cold weather (and as you may have heard, it’s been fairly cold around here). They’re usually in the outback hanging around on the back seat floor with the ice scraper and other accessories, but they weren’t there,…


The siren song of reuse…

We’ve been doing some planning ’round these parts – planning that I unfortunately can’t talk about – but it’s led to a fair amount of discussion about architecture, both inside the team and outside the team. Which has got me thinking about reuse. Reuse has been one of the Holy Grails of software development for…



Tonight, I was doing a crossword that had a clue related to Zeno. As I’ve noted before, I went to a liberal arts school and in fact spent a semester attending a class on philosophy (I’m not sure if “studying” is really the right word… (If a student attends a philosophy class but doesn’t hear…


Obvious news story of the day…

More indication that there isn’t 24 hours worth of news out there. Today while I was working out I looked at CNN, and saw: Developing Story Colorado mountain communities expect two feet of snow.  


Custom Music System Case mod

Early this summer, the music PC at my ski place was “borrowed” by an unexpected visitor. So, I decided to build a replacement. The system used a micro-atx board in a small pc chassis. It worked fine, but the appearance was – well, it looked like a small cheap black PC case. There are cases…


Reading switches from the parallel port

I’ve been working on a side project that requires me to sense the state of a few mechanical switches from software, so I’ve been spending some time working on parallel port programming. There are some good resources out there for understanding parallel ports. I’ve been reading: Interfacing the Standard Parallel Port Interfacing the Enhanced Parallel…