2006 goals, and bicycle coaches

I was reading Fatty, and he talked about his goals for 2006. So, I thought that I'd talk about mine, and perhaps give him a bit of advice...

I've decided on my bicycle goals this year. My big rides are going to be:

STP One-day (July 15th)

I've never done STP. I've thought about doing the two-day variant, but I didn't really want to go on a ride with 8000 of my closest friends. Last year I was probably in shape to do the one-day version, but I didn't know I'd be there in March when I needed to register.

RAMROD (July 27th)

RAMROD (Ride around mount rainier in one day) is a 143 mile ride all the way around Mt. Rainier. It features around 10,000' feet of climbing. This will be a  long and hard ride.

I think that I can get into decent shape on my own, but I've been thinking of spending some money on a coach. Since I don't have any racing aspirations, it seems strange to think about a coach, but I've taken ski lessons for the last 5 years or so, and it's had a tremendous impact on both my ability and my enjoyment. I spend enough time on my bike training (well, much of it is just *riding*...), and I'm pretty sure I could be more efficient in using that time.

Carmichael provides an entry-level service for $40 a month that gives you a program to follow that I'm thinking of using.

Anybody tried Carmichael, or any other coaches?

Oh, and Elden, I noticed that Carmichael also provides nutritional consultation. If you're planning on dropping that much weight, it might be worth considering...

The last few days, I spent eating, sleeping, and reading, so today I got back on the bike and did 25 miles with just under 2000 feet of climbing.

Comments (4)

  1. Craig Undem, at CycleU (www.CycleU.com), is great. I highly recommend talking to him, and it’s nice to have somebody local.

  2. Mark Wan says:

    I have been thinking about doing a one-day STP for 2 years. Now that you have laid down the hammer so to speak, may be I should seriously consider doing it this year.

  3. Jim Carson says:

    My friend Doug Welzel (http://dwelzel.blogspot.com) tried Carmichael’s course for a while and eventually dropped it for another program. Doug’s in fine shape, but felt like the program wasn’t a good investment. I can put you in touch with him if you’d like (just e-me)

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