Want to review my new book?

I got a request from my publisher for reviewers for the third edition of my book. You would get a copy of the book, read it (that part's optional), and then write a review of it on Amazon.

So, if you'd like to participate, leave a comment with the reason I should choose you to be a reviewer, and I'll choose the 5 best in a week or so.

[Update: I probably should have mentioned that I think this is limited to people with US addresses. ]

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  1. Charlie Williams says:

    I’m trying to post a picture of my "Gunnerson for President" tattoo, but I can’t figure out how to upload an image. Any ideas?

    You can email the instructions to cwilliams1145 at hotmail dot com

  2. James Schmidt says:


    1 I’m a professional developer (C#/.NET)

    2 I’ve done this before with "Visual Studio .NET Tips and Tricks"

    3 I love C#

    4 I’m interested in seeing your writing style

    5 I love free books

    6 I’d give you a fair review and am a critical reader

    You can contact me via j s c h m i d t 6 4 at-sign hotmail dot com.

  3. My foundamental reason is that I’m relatively new to C# programming (I started programming in C# one year later after four year in the java world). I like very much the C# syntax (probably because it is very similar to java), and now I need a good book in C#’s new features. So I belive my mind is a good "tabula rasa", to test you book readibilty. Anywhere good luck for your book.



  4. TAG says:

    I’m reading your blog !


  5. I would cherish the opportunity. πŸ™‚

    Please contact me via my blog [1], as I don’t like exposing my email address much.

    Thank you!

    [1] http://weblogs.asp.net/okloeten/contact.aspx

  6. Sylvain Taccucci says:

    First I read a large number of tech. books, so I beleive I know whose are the best. I read your previous one, and as MVP I’m use to recommend book to people, write programming standards, review code, best practices etc….


  7. Sean says:

    Hmmmm, well… you’ll want a representative cross section of the community but since I’m a developer like the other 99.99% of your target audience…that’s not going to help much. How about we go by geography! I live in the middle of the Pacific. Can’t think of what difference that would make, but it’s worth a shot. Oh…And I would actually read the book. πŸ™‚

    sprice at-sign hawaii dot rr dot com

  8. You can never learn too much about C#, and reviewing the book would give me a chance to brush up and/or learn about all those things in the language that I don’t use on a daily basis in my normal here-stuff-this-data-in-the-database-and-create-some-reports day-to-day activity.

    I could go on and on about how detailed oriented I am, and how I’ll read it within a week and all that, but you probably wouldn’t believe me anyway, so what would be the point? I’m also too lazy to try and come up with lots of words of praise to try and get on your good side, so let’s just pretend I did and move on. πŸ™‚

    Seriously though, I would love the chance to review your book.

    Have a great holiday weekend!

  9. Nanda says:

    I have only one thing to say. I will read your book!

    nlella at gmail dot com

  10. todd brooks says:


    I’m a C++ programmer who reviewed Pranish Kumar (and Co.) book on ATL Server. My company’s product was developed solely on this technology (250K lines of C++) that I am moving to ASP.NET/C# 2.0. This isn’t just a migration from C++ to C#, but a lot of new features and development are involved. C#/.NET 2.0 is my first introduction to real-world development in .NET, as .NET 1.0 was in beta when we designed our ATL Server-based product.


    todd brooks


  11. Tim Mulholland says:

    I seriously doubt I can write anything to distinguish myself from other commenters. So I’ll just be honest.

    I love reading.

    I love learning.

    I love C#/.NET.

    I love reading and learning about C#/.NET.

    My boss will probably let me read it at work.

    That’s about it. I won’t make promises that i may not keep. But… I’ll do my best to give it the best review i can if you give me the chance.

    Happy holidays,


    tim -at- tlmii -dot- net

  12. Mihailik says:

    Eric, if you like critical professional opinion, send me the book. I like to find flaws and mistakes. And I am Developer Security MVP.

    Oleg Mihailik, mihailik@gmail.com

  13. HI,

    I think that doing this way the reviews will be too much corrupted.. I mean, you send the gift to readers, I could try to be real with your book, so if it sucks, I’ll write it πŸ™‚

    Anyway… I’m from Italy, and I’m a C# developer since .NET beta 1 in 2000… and I like writing too

    I’m setting up a blog named: "CodeClimber: climbing the cliffs of C#".

    please, contact me at simone dot chiaretta dot gmail dot com

  14. Robert Kozak says:

    Hi Eric,

    1. I was a technical reviewer for 4 books.

    2. I have done book reviews in the past.

    3. I am an expert C# developer. Mostly frameword design. I don’t know if this is the level you are trying to hit.

    — Robert

  15. Robert Kozak says:

    My email rkozak *AT* nowcom dot *COM*.

    Sorry I forgot it in my last post.

  16. John Rudy says:

    I’m a software engineer certified out the wazoo in .NET, who is always on the lookout for good material to enhance my knowledge.

    Additionally, I’m an MCSD and, formerly, a Microsoft Certified Trainer, and taught .NET courses for almost 3 years (VB and C#).

    I wrote a seminar on VS2005 when it was still in beta, back in 2004.

    I currently build n-tier apps in .NET every day for a small consulting firm based in Chicago.

    Oh, and … (sheepish grin and blatant posterior kissing) I subscribe to your RSS feed. πŸ™‚

  17. John Rudy says:

    Oh yeah, forgot my e-mail too … (Is that common amongst us devs or what?)


    (stop laughing)

  18. Andrew Burrows says:

    I like books



  19. Kellen says:

    I’d like to review your book! I have reviewed books for Amazon before (not by request though, I like to review books I’ve read because I appreciate the reviews myself)

    I am a professional .Net developer. I develop VB Web apps for work, and when I code for my own benefit I usually use C#. So it would be from a perspective of a β€œsecond” language. That could be a unique perspective for a review.

    I know how to spell fundamental.

    I’ve never had a problem articulating how I formed my opinions

    Look forward to reading/reviewing it, KellenFlannery gmail

  20. Paul says:

    I’d love to check it out. Why should you pick me? I’ve had C:Program FilesEricGuRegex WorkbenchRegexWorkbench.exe installed for over two years now and still think it’s the best regex building/testing tool out there. πŸ™‚


  21. Maurits says:

    I’ve programmed in many languages but not very much in C#, so I am knowledgeable but I have no C# preconceptions.

  22. Maurits says:

    Oh, and, uh, mvaneerde at yahoo dot com

  23. kfarmer says:


    I’m opinionated. I got your first Programmer’s Introduction way-back-when and used that to learn C#. I’ve read a variety of other C#/.NET books since then, and certainly have a set of things I think should be in the curriculum (and a set of things which I think are under-represented).

    I’m joining the C#3 team in a couple weeks. (Lucky me!) πŸ˜‰

    My mailing address will probably be down the hall, so you can take your sweet revenge accordingly.


  24. Nat says:

    Me me…

    I would like to review your book. Please contact me via the contact link from my blog.

    Hmm…. reasons?

    – I read your blogs a lot

    – You are one of the persons who helped me avoid struggling with C# too much

    – I’ve been using C# for 4-5 years

    – I had your book, "A Programmer’s Introduction to C#" but I lost it. So I want to get a new one with your signature on it

    – I like free stuff just like you do

    – I have catchy eyes to spot errors

    – I still write C# almost every day πŸ™‚

  25. leppie says:

    Allways liked your style of thinking ever sinced I delved into C# 4 or so years ago (super calculator will allways be in my head). OK, I am not in US, but PDF? Why, I’ll question why you do things a certain way, if it’s not clear. Clarity is very important in communicating the correct message to the intended receiver.

  26. Jim Holmes says:

    It’s tough to beat Charlie’s tattoo, but maybe I’ve got a shot at one of the other four slots.

    Reasons I’d be a good reviewer:

    – Lots of experience with book reviews, including several posted on Slashdot, and a modest amount on Amazon

    – I’ve done pre-publishing reviews of other books

    – I love learning through reading

    – My main background is Java, Perl, and C++, so I approach books like yours with an eye to how they’ll help me transition those skills to C#

    – I’ve got a number of years background as an instructor in various fields, so I think I’ve got a good eye for good material

    – I’ve also got background loading magnetic tapes and may have even been good enough at it to do it one-handed

    Please contact me through the link on my blog if you select me. It looks like you’ve got a pretty good range of folks to choose from!

  27. Kintan says:

    I am passionate about writing and reading technical content. I am in the early stages of writing a business book on entrepreneurship within corporations. I have years of experience in object oriented programming both pre-Microsoft and in-Microsoft.

    You may contact me at kintan at gmail dot com

  28. Hasani says:

    1) I’ll triple check your regex section

    2) I’ll read the code snippets and compile for error

    3) If I like the book, I will see that each developer gets a copy of the book.

    4) I’ll read the c# 2.0 spec to verify if you left anything of importance out

    5) I’ll make sure new classes and features that stand out in my eyes are mentioned (E.x.: background worker, anon. methods, etc)

    finitestate at nyc dot rr dot com

  29. ryperl says:

    Well I am a long ways down the list but I shall post anyways. I would want to review your book so I can further my knowledge and development skills and to gain more expertise that I may pass on to my other team members, And well I guess if you don’t pick me I will still buy the book anyways.

    Have a great day

    Ryan Perlman


  30. Munish says:

    1) I will read your book.

    2) I worked with C/C++ for 10 yrs.

    3) I am working with C# for 2 years.

    4) I have read other C# books (for comparison).

    5) I will write a review on Amazon.

    6) No other fancy promises πŸ™‚

    munish_REMOVE_ME AT gmail

  31. Sly says:

    I simply want to buy the book. When will it be out?

    SlyWitherspoon at gmail dot com

  32. v says:

    I like C# and I read your blogs regularly. OK, that’s bland – the thing is, I’ve never reviewed a book and I’m not level 10 at C#. So I’m the best guy to write a review on how most C# readers would read it.

    And one day, when I become famous, I’ll send you a copy of my book (whatever that is), for free! πŸ™‚

  33. v says:

    oh crap – my email ID

    necromonger – gmail

  34. Dan Ardelean says:

    Always happy to read a good programming book (which I hope it is)

    dan DOT ardelean AT gmail.com

  35. Brian says:

    When I was an intern in 2001 your publisher or agent sent me a copy of your book when I was asking on the boards for a good C# book. Since that time I’ve ended up doing QA work and not a lot of programming. I recent got moved into a junior programmer position (1 week ago) and will be finally programming again. So… What this means to you is that my review will be from a relative novice that can learn a lot from what you have to offer.

  36. JConwell says:

    I would really like to review your book. Lets see…reasons why you might pick me.

    * I’ve been reviewing John Robbins’s debugging book, so i’m in the reviewing and groove.

    * I LOVE reading new programming books

    * I’m very experienced with the internals of .Net and work as a performance engineer, so I should be able to give acuratly good (or bad) feedback as to the content.

    * I LOVE reading new programming books

    * I’ve been working with 2.0 stuff for about a year, so I’m fairly well versed in it.

    * did i mention I LOVE reading new programming books?

  37. JConwell says:

    By the way…JConwell’s email is John @ nwmountainplay . com

  38. Brian says:

    Suppose I ought to give my email also…

    customerryall atsign comcast.net

  39. Lide Winburn says:

    There are two reasons.

    1) I’m a book reviewer for our local .NET user group, and will give them a review in addition to the Amazon one

    2) I’m a technical lead for an ASP.NET team coding in C#, and we’ll be migrating from 1.1 to 2.0 within six weeks. I’ll be reading fast!

    My email is: reviews AT winburns DOT com

  40. Anon says:

    Giving out free books seems to slant the reviews in your favor. I’m sure your book rocks, but why not let impartial observers post reviews through the normal process (buy the book first, then post a review)?

  41. Mitch Wheat says:

    I like to volunteer to review your book. Here are a few reasons why:

    1) I have been a book reviewer for John Wiley and Sons

    2) I have worked with C/C++ for a little over 20 yrs

    3) I’m currently working in C#

    4) I read at least one programming book each month.

    5) I would be a fair and unbiased reviewer


    mitch dot wheat AT gmail dot com

  42. Sundararajan says:

    Hi ,

    I would like to be one of the reviewers of your book.Here are the few reasons that i can say:

    1. Professional C#.Net developer

    2. working with .Net 2.0 for 6 months

    3. graduated a year and half back. so really i could give my opinions as how my other developer counter parts could feel on reading your book.

    4. in the Geography I am from India, so I am one among the major developer communities.

    5. MCP in C#-Web apps.

    6. learnt a lot from your C# compendium- particularly much about Reg. exp.



    sundararajan.gs at gmail dot com

  43. SD says:

    Basically I need your book for free, Being a C# programmer I do not make as much money to afford your book.So Let me read it and will post a honest review about your book.

    my mail is room.sublease at gmail.com

  44. SD says:

    Hi its SD again.

    forgot to mention something If you do decide to send me the book please sign the copyfor me.



    room.sublease at gmail.com

  45. I got a request from my publisher for reviewers for the third edition of my book. You would get a copy of the book, read it (that part’s optional), and then write a review of it on Amazon. So, if you’d like to participate, leave a comment with the reaso

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