Spam filtering for outlook express

We've been blessed with a bounteous harvest of spam on our home account, and I'm now looking for a good spam filtering solution.

Needs to run on outlook express. Free would be best, but if I need to pay a bit, that would be OK as well...

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  1. Cloudmark is quite simply the best spam solution I have come across ever. It costs a little bit per month (around $3-$4), and it’s the best money I ever spent:

  2. Jeff Lewis says:

    SpamBayes as a pop3 proxy. If you have full outlook, then you can just use the plugin to outlook, but the proxy works almost as well.

  3. Aton Sokolovsky says:

    Search for Spam Bully. Well done solution for a low price.

  4. MacBirdie says:

    Yep, Spambayes pop3 proxy is really good.

  5. Phil Weber says:

    I use MailSift (POP3 proxy, $23.95/year) and Qurb (client-side whitelist, $29.95 one time).

  6. Scott says:

    GMail’s spam filter is quite good. You can forward your email account (most ISP’s provide this) to a GMail account, then turn on pop3 access on GMail to get the cleaned email with Outlook Express.

  7. Maurits says:

    SpamAssassin is the 500-lb gorilla of anti-spam softwares.

    There are a couple of POP3 proxies that run on the workstation which are powered by SpamAssassin.

    A note on the GMail solution.. that works, but has the side effect that Google gets to read all your mail. You may be OK with this, but it had to be said. 😉

  8. I can recommend SpamBayes as well:

    It works incredibly well with OE, or any email reader pretty much. I have never used a more accurate spam filter.

    Gmail has attachment problems.

  9. Brian says:

    In my book its time to change email addresses.

  10. Jeff Key says:

    I use SpamArrest, a man-in-the-middle solution. It’s the best thing I’ve ever used, and I’ve been using it for over two years.

    Since it’s server-side, you can also read email on the web when you aren’t at home. Has all kinds of nice features.

    No goofy algorithms. It just works. It’s stopped 53,799 spam emails for me. I (heart) it.

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