The mystery of Indian bread

This week at a team dinner - which we sometimes do if people are staying late - we had indian food. Rice, various curries, and a package of the Indian bread known as "Nan" (pronounced "nahn").

I like rice, and I'm open to a nice vindaloo now and then, but I must confess a particular weakness for the bread. When I was younger, I would sometimes eat endless pieces of this bread, and it ultimately got so bad that I had to go to "Nan-anon" for treatment...

I've always wondered about that experience. I like bread, but I only have this compulsion around one kind of bread. But yesterday, I was doing some research, and finally figured out why I can never put enough slices on my place. It's like adding a slice has no effect at all. And now I know why:

Nan + Nan = Nan

See the last bullet point in the remarks section.

(I do love the bread, especially the garlic version)



Comments (8)

  1. Nan is quite good, and the garlic version is excellent.

    You should also try Prathas (I think they are called that). It is breat with meat in the dough, which is grilled with ghee. Quite good.

    There are a few places in NYC I could take you, if you want, if you ever get your butt out here =P

    And that post was pretty geeky, even by programmer standards. =)

  2. Jeff Parker says:

    I must agree, Nan is probably one of my most favorite things from Indian food. Not including some of their deserts, the deserts are I think beyond most of our american deserts.

  3. Eddie says:

    I love Indian food. 🙂

    Although I believe it’s spelled ‘Naan’. 🙂

  4. ericgu says:

    Luckily, the first link I quoted gave either spelling. If I was stuck with "Naan", the second "joke" wouldn’t have worked.

  5. Sheeshers says:

    Being an Indian, yes, I can appreciate naan. BTW, notice that I spell it with two "a"’s to match with how it’s pronounced.

    The secret is the clay oven that it is traditionally baked in. It’s like the difference betweeen a wood fired pizza and a regular oven pizza.

    enjoy your naan 🙂

  6. Better Half says:

    Groan!! People, People, Please…these kind of remarks merely encourage continuation of such behavior.

  7. Jumper March says:

    shouldn’t that be ++ for humour, Jean-Luc ?


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