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I haven't been paying too much attention to my blog formatting options recently. I'm pretty much a straightforward text guy. Back when I started coding, all we had was uppercase letters. Struth!

Anyway, I'm not big on lots of extra formatting - I'll occaisionally grab a bold, and if I'm feeling funky, I might do a bit in Courier New. (Personally, I think that "Courier New" has been a huge marketing mistake for the Courier company, and I'm waiting for the return of "Courier Classic".)

But today I noticed that I now have a combo box labelled "Insert Smiley", and the sky's the limit. Not only does it have about 50 smileys listed, it has translation next to them. So, if I'm talking about a trip to France, instead of writing a paragraph about lunch, I can just write:

sn pi

to let you know that I had snail pizza.

Or, to describe a Friday night with friends, I could use:

D B |-)

Which means "Drinks beer and sleeps".

I'm sure all of this will be easy for you to understand. For example, given what you've learned, what does this mean?

D B ip

That's right. "Drinks beer in paradise".

See how well that works? Well, time to go now.


Comments (6)

  1. Gary says:

    I get the feeling that you’ve been working way to many hours lately.

  2. Matthew W. Jackson says:

    So the blogging tool lets you make something bold, but it uses the "strong" element, which is not technically bold, but has the default style of bold.

    But the blogging tool also lets you change fonts using the "font" element.

    How semantically mixed up is that?

    In my opinion, a good tool would let you define your own set of styles, like "booktitle," and pick from them. Being a programmer, any time you want Courier New you more than likely really want a "code" element, but a lot of HTML "WYSIWYG" editors do not give you those kinds of options.

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