Help needed: ASP.NET 2.0 and Google Maps…

[Update: I got this to work by turn on IIS, installing ASP.NET on it, and then using a google map key registered for http://localhost.

I had tried this with Cassini (the development web server that comes with ASP.NET 2.0) with keys registered to both http://localhost and http://localhost:3348 (or whatever the port ended up being), but couldn't get it to work.

So, now my code uses different keys based on whether I'm on my dev system or on the real site.

Thanks for the help...]

I think I'm missing something.

I spent some time today trying to get google maps up and running on my development system, without any luck. I've tried editing my hosts file and pointing my domain name to, making up a fake name and pointing that to my current IP address (with a new google api key), and a few other variations.

None of these are working. I think it might be because I'm using the Cassini web server rather than IIS, but I'm not sure.

So, if somebody can list the steps I need to get this working, I'd be much obliged.

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  1. Raj Kaimal says:

    Install Fiddler

    Watch where the requests are going to.

    Still not working? Install TCPView

  2. Stuart Shay says:

    Feel free to check out my Bike Trip site, the backend is ASP.NET which I tie webserices and Ajax into the html page.

    Try a unque directory for the license key something someone else would not use, for some reason common names did not always work for me (ie. /Maps).

  3. Maybe a stupid question, but why not VirtualEarth?

  4. ericgu says:


    AFAICT, virtual earth doesn’t do polyline overlays (yet?), and I can’t do what I want without them.

  5. Sue says:

    Hey guy,

    Thanks for stopping by site and leaving a comment. I have a question about trackbacks. How does it work exactly? Does it matter which trackback I save to my account? Will each trackback on each person’s space automatically let me know when that user has updated? I don’t want peoples blog or comments showing up on my page. Will this happen with a trackback? Sorry for all the questions but I figured you seem to know a lot about them.

    Thanks for all your help.


  6. Sean McLeod says:

    In terms of polyline overlays with VirtualEarth I’ve been doing them for a while and there are a couple of examples around.

    Take a look at the following example, it allows you to reference any shapefile containing points, polylines or polygons and overlay that including filled polygons with alpha blending over the Virtual Earth map.

    There is also a gallery of other examples:

    What is quite useful in terms of Virtual Earth is not requiring a key. So you can test without a web server at all, just load up a local .html page with script into your browser. And no issues when moving the app to a different server/url etc.


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