Why doesn’t Eric respond to my comment?

Eric doesn't respond to comments because:

  1. He prefers pontification to conversation

  2. Time spent on comments is better spent learning how to cat juggle

  3. They bummer my buzz, man

  4. Some other reason

All of these are true to some degree. The author does admit to periods of pontification when up in front of an audience (they break up the periods of intense boredom), and has dabbled in juggling, though not of the feline variety (thwarted by the lack of a "juggling" checkbox on the "Why do you want to adopt a cat?" form). And his buzz, though not necessarily bummered, has at least been tempered at times.

The real reason is technological. Community server has this nice feature where you can tell it to email you comments to your blogs, but for some reason, it only works sporadically. Couple that with the fact that some responses that do make it to my mail server get shunted off to my junk email folder (which I do check from time to time), and it's a wonder I respond to any comments at all.

So, anyway, if you make a comment that you'd like me to respond to and I haven't, you can drop me a line at my traditional microsoft address or my new, easy-to-remember microsoft address.

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