Pea Salad with Chicken and Prosciutto

Came up with this one tonight.

Pea Salad with Chicken and Prosciutto

  • 3 slices prosciutto (de Parma if you've got it, but domestic is fine).

  • One large chicken breast

  • 3 cups frozen peas

  • One roma tomato

  • Bernstein's parmesan garlic ranch dressing

  • 6 Large Kalamata olives

  • 6 large fresh basil leaves

Put peas into a bowl, and cover with hot water (I use the 190 degree water from my dispenser). Set aside.

Cut chicken breast into 1/2" pieces, put on a plate. Liberally salt and mix so that all sides are seasoned (I prefer kosher salt for this). This draws some juice out of the chicken which carmelizes when you cook it. Set aside.

Fry Prosciutto slices until slightly brown on both sides (this lets you slice it without it sticking together). Remove from heat, and slice into small pieces about 1/4" square. Put into a large bowl.

Slice tomato, pit and chop olives, and slice up basil leaves (a chiffonade works well for the basil). Add to the bowl.

Drain peas, add to the bowl with about a tablespoon of dressing (more if you want more).

Reheat nonstick frying pan you used for prosciutto. When it's hot but not smoking hot, add chicken and distribute to cover pan. Do not stir - let it sit for a couple of minutes to brown. Toss the chicken every minute or so after until all of it is cooken through (chop through a couple of the large pieces with a wooden spatula to be sure it's done). Remove 12 small pieces for your daughter who doesn't like the salad. Add chicken to the salad, mix thoroughly, season more if necessary, and serve.

Makes something like 3 servings for a main dish salad.


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