Fizik Microtex Bar Tape (yellow)

Last week, I ordered some of Fizik's high tech bar tape, the kind with the gel inserts under the panel. It was to replace the blue bar tape that probably looked okay on the stock Trek color scheme, but didn't look so good with the red/yellow scheme.

So, I ordered the yellow color so as to coordinate the color with the bike.

It showed up a couple of days ago. Hmm. Color names are obviously open to discussion, but I wouldn't call it yellow. Not even close. A quick check this morning wity my available color standards showed that it's not even close to banana yellow, but it is quite close to granny smith apple green (really).

A brief discussion with my spouse confirmed that estimation, and also established that she'd be okay if I put the pads on her Trek aluminum bike, where they are probably more necessary than my bike. 'specially since her bar tape needs to be replaced.

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