ASP.NET hosting solutions…

I'm looking for a low-cost provider with decent quality - something around 1G of disk, ASP.NET, and SQL server database included.

Recommendations, or providers to avoid?

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  1. Haacked says:

    I’ve had a pretty good experience with WebHost4Life right now. They offer unlimited bandwidth, which you might not think is necessary, but I regularly use 30 to 40GB a month.

    Also, they do have servers with ASP.NET 2.0 Beta 2 availability.

  2. I would avoid webhost4life, they are hit and miss. Some people get great performance, others dismal..

    Try, WebSecureStores..

  3. I would avoid RealValueHosting ( They provide cheap monthly rates, but are not reliable. They may be ok for experimental sites, but not live ones.

  4. sushant_bhatia says:

    Brinkster is pretty cool. They have both windows and linux now.

    Their professional package $7.95/month is quite affordable.

    I’ve used their hosting and its quite nice.

  5. Rich Mercer says:

    I’d really recommend as I’ve been with them for quite a while now and the service is second to none. Real cheap too!

  6. I use and am very happy with thier service. Obviously they specialize in ASP.NET solutions, offer the best prices around for ASP.NET, have unlimmited e-mail forwarding, included POP accounts, add-on SQL Server accounts, all with a very easy to use web admin interface.

  7. Ken Ingle says:

    I have used two that I have been really happy with, has been a good host, pretty innexpensive and amazing service.

    I also just recently started using a group called HostNexus out of Australia,, I have been really happy with them so far, only disadvantage, no tele support. But at their prices and offerings, I don’t mind.

  8. John says:

    Webstrike Solutions is another good one. The first year of hosting is free, you just have to pay a $30 setup fee.

    Great Lakes Area .NET User Group’s site is hosted at Webstrike.

  9. Vic Berggren says:

    Eric, take a look at CrystalTech (

    I’ve hosted with them since 1997 and have been very happy.

  10. Jeff Parker says:

    I use for multiple personal domains. They have a wide variety of plans from little non profit sites to full servers. Also they have a nice 99.9% uptime guarantee. 24 X 7 support online and phone both.

    I would completely avoid like the plague. They used to be top of the heap but quickly went to the toilet a few years ago. They went to like support from 9-5 5 days a week. I moved everything to cihost one day after the server at went down on Friday night at 7 and was not brought back up until 9:00 on Monday when someone finally came in and rebooted it. I have heard nothing good about them since.

  11. Whatever you decide, could you post it please? With a follow-up in a couple months letting us know what you think of it after using it.

  12. Sonu Kapoor says:

    I also recommend

  13. David says:

    Check out GoDaddy ( they are the cheapest I’ve seen lately and their tech support is awesome.

  14. Jeff Small says:

    I use DotNetPark ( *Very* affordable.

  15. Rob says:

    1+ for

  16. Rich says:

    Avoid DataPacket. Great price, great features but *really* poor uptime. I’ve had all kinds of problems with them moving servers (web and SQL) without notifying me. My site is down on a regular basis – I’m looking to switch.

  17., right now they are offering 10x the space if you sign up now.

  18. Jake Good says:

    -1 for

    It’s an OK host, but I just cancelled my account. There are a lot of things that made me do it.

  19. Chris says:

    +1 for webhost4life. I did have problems with uptime initially but I worked with their tech support and have had excellent results for over 3 years. Their advanced or premium plans are a great bargin for all of the features that come with it by default. Their tech support has always answered my requests in a timely manner and most have been to my satisfaction.

    If you do sign up for them, I’d love to give you my referral link, but won’t post it here so as not to look like spam 🙂

  20. Tom says:

    I’ve had good luck with both and Portal was a little easier to get ahold of and had a little better performance, but webhost4life was servicable and the price was just unbeatable.

    Just to be clear, I never had a performance problem with webhost4life that kept a web site or app from not working, the load time differece was never more than a second or so.

  21. jim says:

    Some of the non-profits I’ve worked with (e.g. Cascade Bicycle Club) use Crystal Tech and have been happy. (Crystal Tech offers non-profits a 50% discount on hosting, which helps, but their technical support is good and staffed by real human beings that you can reach without running through a gauntlet of fire and knowledgebase of doom. On the middle-tier and up plans, they have SQL server. I found the control panel a bit frustrating to work with — mostly because I’m an interactive shell person (e.g. "I know what to do and how to do it… if I can login and edit the file.") — but you can use the SQL Server management tools to connect directly once you’re there.

    I’m using *nix hosting on Dreamhost. I only mention this because I’m happy with them and they have generous allotments of space and bandwidth (10Gb, 200Gb/month, respectively) for the price, if you’re able to decouple your ASP/SQL from the raw storage.


  22. Chris says: – very affordable, good tech support, and ASP.NET 2.0 support

  23. Eric Gunnerson is looking for a good Windows host. The thread could be a good reference for someone looking to do the same….

  24. James says:

    Try SeekDotNet: <;

    Have been using them for awhile now and have not had any problems.

  25. Sean says:

    I use Server Intellect. Their Tier 1 hosting plan ( has almost what you want for $14.95 per month. The only difference is that it includes 500 MB disk space instead of 1 GB.

  26. Nathan says:

    I’ve had excellent luck with webhost4life – used them for 3 years. There was the occasional issue, but they always responded quickly and were willing to do whatever it took to fix the problem.

    I recently ditched them, but only to lease an entire server from

  27. Doug says:

    Eric – would love to hear what you go with and why.

    Hi All – I took a list of all the mentioned suggestions, and here is my take. I’m looking for a site that could host a small business site, offering SQL, ASP.NET 1.1 or better, good availability, and scale well as the business grows.

    Note that I’m particularly impressed with the 4 or 5 plans and offer no additional cost for SQL disk space – you can divide the total allocation between SQL and site content. (developer-friendly, good prices. No charge for SQL,

    just disk. Log files don’t count against disk space.) (nice web stats, good prices) (no charge for SQL, just disk…nice) (SQL space only limited by plan disk space. Smarterstats tool) (looks good, and affordable. Urchin web stats look clean) (simple, clean. A little pricey, but seems complete. LiveStats.XSP Log Analyzer)

    (pricey, but professional)

    (looks OK, but not impressed) (affordable, generous SQL space) (too expensive for SQL) (pricey, clean design, stats hard to work but seem comprehensive) (no phone support, sorely lacking features) (seems like a small provider, expensive for SQL) (crappy features, not enough SQL space) (less developer-centric, feels small)

  28. Kool Galus says:

    You may would like to try . They offer cheap but reliable hosting plans. Do have a look.

    They also offer 2.0 on request for free.

  29. Filip says:

    Just saw this post by David Hayden re: WebHost4Life, thought you might be interested

    <a href="">WebHost4Life Review – Gets Shut Down Without Warning </a>

  30. Joe Mayo says:

    I like OrcsWeb at because they have excellent service, lots of options, and are very reliable. I had to leave them a while ago because the bandwidth costs were growing too high. I went with Brinkster because they had unlimited bandwidth and a lot of SQL Server and disk space for $17.95/month. Brinkster also has 24 hour support, with a chat interface, and their service is good. OrcsWeb has comprehensive stats, which I miss, and Brinksters stats are barely adequate. In the end, it is the money that swayed me toward Brinkster.

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